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Are you looking for the best lawyers to help you with estate planning and administration? In the event of incapacity, you need someone to look after your assets in court and ascertain your family’s survival. If you are proactively searching for the best attorneys for the probate process, Will Attorney Queens is the one for you. If you are looking for the best estate planning and financial plan, we can guide you through all the legal hassles to ensure that you get the best plan for your family. You will get an effective solution for all your probate requirements and asset allocation with us.

Our expert team at Queens can help you with:

  • Probate administration and estate management of your accumulated assets.
  • Creation of Medicaid and living trust to reduce the assets that pass through Probate.
  • Elimination of excessive legal interference and disputes.
  • Drafting and execution of Trust deeds and will.

We understand all the legal hurdles that come during the probate administration process. Therefore, we assure you that your family won’t endure tough probate challenges. Our attorneys specialize in combining legal disputes with their superior understanding of New York State laws.

Estate Planning Consultation @ Will Attorney Queens


Our attorneys understand the legal issues involved in wills, probate, guardianship, and elder law. We are your best alternative in ensuring a smooth transition of your assets to the beneficiaries. We ensure you that we follow every legal step and procedure to deal with estate planning. We provide plenty of services with our legal Consultation that includes:

  • Analyzing various strategies for the effective transfer of your assets.
  • Protection of your properties along with your surviving family members.
  • Dealing with the Probate situation efficiently in New York courts.
  • Setting up Medicaid for your family members for healthcare costs with other benefits.

How Will Attorney Queens Can Assist You

Our accredited attorneys leave no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with legal hurdles. We practice quality administration of the law as we have some of the best lawyers available in Queens. We have the best advisors you can find in the state who are always ahead to help you in any legal situation. Our lawyers enjoy collaborating with you to see all the necessary details required to tackle your complicated estate plan. At our firm, you can be relaxed that only a few of your assets will pass through Probate in court.

Our USPs @ Will Attorney Queens

Our Will Attorney Queens Lawyers are qualified and experienced in dealing with all complicated cases. We have decades of experience in ensuring reliable management of your estate and Probate administration in court. Our lawyers offer a comprehensive directory of services to ensure a smooth transfer of your properties and make critical financial decisions for your family’s benefit. The litigators can minimize estate tax liability and ensure that your inheritances are protected. Our comprehensive estate planning consultation, planning, and services include:

  • Probate administration and effective transfer of your properties to the legal heirs.
  • Drafting a practical Will so that your Beneficiaries benefit from it.
  • Establishing a Living Trust or Medicaid Trust to minimize state and estate taxes.
  • Handling asset allocation and removal of the unwanted mess out of your estate.
  • Ensuring Guardianship and conservatorship for your surviving family members.

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Why Choose Will Attorney Queens?

Will Attorney Queens can deal with every legal situation. Our lawyers have represented cases in Staten Island, Manhattan, Orange, Nassau, Kings, and Long Island; therefore, we are ready to deal with all legal hurdles. Our lawyers handle the cases effectively to make legal matters simple and easy. We treat our clients with courtesy and integrity to achieve realistic results. Our success is backed by a track record of uncompromising ethics, trust, and confidence. Our expert lawyers can help you in various legal areas like Probate, Estate Administration, Kinship matters, Estate taxes, Guardianship, and Fiduciary accounting. Over the years, we have accumulated a team of expert advisors who can immediately help during legal hurdles. Our team is dedicated to providing you with crafted solutions backed by our promise of performance. Over the years, we have helped several clients with their financial and lifestyle goals. We provide our clients with the most relevant information to advance their probate process in Queens Court. At Will Attorney Queens, our motto is to provide efficient client satisfaction as we appreciate the emotional impact of each asset. With transparent pricing and flat rates, we have offered personalized services to each client. Our lawyers work hard to ensure your success during financial and estate planning. Our success depends upon your perception; therefore, we keep you abreast of our plans and perspectives.

Agile and Responsive

At Will Attorney Queens, we understand that your estate planning requirement could be urgent. Therefore, we are known for our agility and responsiveness in dealing with your situation. We have experienced lawyers who are agile, flexible, and nimble. Our attorneys provide customized solutions and dedicated attention to each of our clients. We work hard to ensure that you get exactly what you need, and we exceed expectations.


At our firm, we have experience dealing with the toughest courts in Queens. Our lawyers have considerable experience in arbitration tribunals and dispute resolution during Probate and Estate Planning matters, including mediation. We understand how the resolution of disputes and legal matters work; therefore, we provide pragmatic and realistic solutions to all your legal issues.

Value and Experience

We stay on top of the game with our qualifications, technology, and customer relationship. Our lawyers add experience and understand that your time is money. We take our commitment to you seriously and stay with you until your estate planning process ends. Our services are also worth the value as we keep our overheads low while leveraging the best digital technology. This allows us to collaborate seamlessly and provide the best service.

Local Depth

Our expert attorneys are well-versed in dealing with clients from multiple cultures and dimensions. We have the deepest appreciation of cultural differences as we service clients of various ethnicities. By having access to a large locality, we collaborate with the best clients after keeping their interests in mind. We supplement our access to a large clientele by keeping our lawyers up-to-date with the latest legal developments.

Approach and Strategy

We believe in talking to our clients to add value to the relationship. With our decades of experience, we have provided our clients with the attention they deserve. Our value-driven Approach has always been the talk of the town as we strategize with our clients to meet their requirements.

How we work:

Our Estate Handling @ Will Attorney Queens

Preliminary Requirements

We sit with our clients at Will Attorney Queens to ensure that the preliminary requirements are appropriately executed. We discuss with our clients to understand the proceedings, assets, and properties they want to include, along with their beneficiaries and legal heirs. After that, we choose an executor and a guardian for the properties.

Preservation and Disposal of Assets

The Probate Attorney firm deals with guardianship of assets, where we ensure that your assets are properly preserved, managed, and disposed of according to the state’s guidelines. Our first priority is to look out for the client’s best interest. We ensure that your assets go to your legal heirs after they attain a majority and your appointed guardian takes good care of the assets.

Detailed Execution

Our expert attorneys never miss out on a single detail as we draft your will. We clearly mention the executor, testator, and beneficiaries, along with specific information like locations, age, and residence. We ensure the appropriate statements are mentioned in the will and correlate the properties mentioned against their item numbers in the schedule annexed.

Paying Debts

Our expert attorneys take care of the debts that you may have accumulated during your life. With the probate process, the court requires you to pay off the debt from your assets and bank accounts. We will help you pay off the outstanding credit card bills, utilities, and funeral expenses. At our firm, our attorneys will also list your assets to the court to get the assets appraised to give you the freedom to pay the claims without court approval.

Storage of Necessary Documents

It is our duty to ensure that all your necessary documents are stored carefully for the probate process and further administration. After completing the required formalities, we help you secure the legally binding documents in a safe and accessible place. Our lawyers ensure that your Beneficiaries can access the Will during any contingency.

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